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    Data Quality

    Compare DB Objects Between two DBs

    I had created a script that merges two DBs together creating, in a sense, my won DB replication process. You’ll find those scripts in this website. In any case, I needed a script to verify [...]
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    DB Copy/Replication

    Xml data type is not supported in distributed queries

    The error is: Msg 9514, Level 16, State 1, Line 216 Xml data type is not supported in distributed queries. Remote object [Server_name].[DB_Name].dbo.[table_name]’ has xml column(s). Are you trying to query a remote DB\table which [...]
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    Server/DB Information

    DB Usage and Disk Space Info

    I have combined a few scripts into this long one that provides the following columns: The scripts provides many uses:1) In LAB Environment, you can review which DBs have not been accessed and plan to [...]